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Thermal Appetizer Plate

We are sure you understand us when we say, we have received one to many “cheesy” cheese plates as gifts in our lifetime.

We thought, hmmm, if people use soapstone as a main design and color feature in their kitchen (counter-tops), then why wouldn’t they like to entertain guest with something just as beautiful?

Soapstone isn’t just beautiful, it carries some great functionality in the kitchen.  Our Thermal Appetizer Plate stands in as a cheese plate (cold cheese or warm brie), sushi plate, desert plate, bread warmer, etc.

You can put the soapstone plate in the freezer or refrigerator and the plate will naturally retain the cool temperatures, and once out, will slowly, over time, keep your appetizers cool.

Also, you can place your Plate in the oven or microwave to heat it up.  The soapstone will naturally retain the heat, and once out, will slowly, over time, radiate warmth to your side dish.