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New Packaging!

Tell us what you think ...   We have designed new retail packaging that you may see in stores and were hoping to get some real live feedback from actual people.  We just thought this would be the best way to get an honest opinion. … [Read more]

Thai-Glazed Fruit + Vegetable Grill (serves 4)

I adapted this long ago from a recipe by Celia Brooks Brown. Her cookbook, New Vegetarian (Ryland Peters & Small 2001), is a wonderful intro to vegetarian cooking that pleases the palate of vegans (with some egg + dairy substitutions) and … [Read more]

Portobello Stacks + Asparagus Grill (serves 4)

This is a nice combo that is quick + easy served with a side salad! Substitute long, slender green beans for the asparagus and serve with mashed potatoes for a heartier meal! Portobello Stacks 4 large Portobello mushroom caps, stems … [Read more]

Crabby Patty Cakes (serves 4)

  This is a vegan recipe I developed as an alternative to Crab Cakes! If you are vegetarian you can substitute an egg for the flax seed meal/water mixture in the main recipe and use mayonnaise instead of a non-dairy/egg free … [Read more]

SPARQ Soapstone Griddle; Channel 2 News

SPARQ Soapstone Griddle featured on Channel Two in Denver Colorado with Dr.Collins the Cooking Cardiologist. … [Read more]

Are You Cooking the Health Out of Your Food?

Richard E. Collins, MD South Denver Cardiology Associates Inflammation is the body’s natural, temporary, healing response to infection or injury. But if the process fails to shut down when it should, inflammation becomes chronic -- and tissues … [Read more]

How to Reduce the Risk of Cancer from Grilled Meats

Herbal Fixes Block Carcinogens in Grilled Meats J. Scott Smith, PhD Kansas State University August 21, 2008 A mericans love their grilled meat, and so the discovery a few years ago that grilling creates carcinogens dismayed untold numbers … [Read more]

Whiskey Rocks

This is a favorite product of our founders.  All three have very distinct lifestyles and our Soapstone Rocks easily accommodate each one of them in different ways. Justin, who puts his love for whiskey 4th after family, friends, and God, takes a … [Read more]

Soapstone Griddle

Sparq's founders LOVE to grill, and you can imagine our dismay when discovered that grilling over an open flame carries HUGE risks of cancer. There is staggering research that finds; Grilling meat directly over an open flame can increase your risk … [Read more]

Thermal Appetizer Plate

We are sure you understand us when we say, we have received one to many "cheesy" cheese plates as gifts in our lifetime. We thought, hmmm, if people use soapstone as a main design and color feature in their kitchen (counter-tops), then why … [Read more]